Crossville woman punched over library book

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A Crossville woman was assaulted by an angry mother outside of a public library.

Carol McGlamery told Local 8 News it all began inside the children's section, where she was with her sister and two nephews.

"Her little girl had grabbed the little boy's book and was running off with it," McGlamery said. "My sister says, hey that's my son's book. We're going to check it out."

That's when the woman reportedly told Carol's sister a few things. And just when they thought it was over, there was another confrontation outside the library.

"She was swearing and calling me names and getting in my face. I said you're just being immature you need to go," Carol said.

The woman left but not without a fight, and she reportedly punched Carol in the nose.

"I wanted to hit her, but no, because that's not the way I teach. That's not the way we teach our boys," she said.

Carol was practicing what she preaches to her students at Warrior Martial Arts Academy in Crossville.

A police report was filed, but she told Local 8 News she is not going to file any charges.

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