Cumberland Co. Sheriff's cracking down on child predators

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- In its first month of operation, Cumberland County Sheriff's "Internet Cimes Against Children" has already landed three people behind bars.

One of them. Billy Storey, an active member of the community, according to authorities.

Local 8 News learned Storey wrote a few articles on youth sports for the local newspaper. He also coached a local boys basketball team.

Cumberland County authorities said Storey arranged to meet with a 16-year-old he met on the Internet. What he didn't know, that boy was really Deputy Scott Davis.

"Convince them that I am who I am or who I am portraying to be, and have them come to me instead of victimizing a child," Davis said.

Most recently, two men were arrested for traveling to Cumberland County to meet with two young girls.

"You see people from all walks of life. I've prosecuted preachers, basketball coaches, people who are your neighbor. And that's what's disturbing about this," said Gary McKenzie, Deputy District Attorney General.

After six months of training, the unit now investigates any type of internet crime involving the exploitation of kids.

While they're off to an aggressive start, investigators said it's only the beginning.

"There's not an end. There's not like you tap out and there's 50 to 100 or a thousand. There are multiple thousands of these predators out there," Davis said.

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