Cumberland County to receive $53,000 in funding to reduce tobacco use

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Submitted) – Tennessee Health Commissioner John Dreyzehner, MD, MPH, will join other state and local officials on Thursday, March 27, at the Cumberland County Health Department in Crossville to present $52,748 in funding as part of the Tennessee Tobacco Settlement Program.

Each county in Tennessee will receive funding during this three-year program to reduce the burden of tobacco use in the state. All counties are challenged to set goals and select one or more projects that address three topics: eliminating smoking during pregnancy; reducing infants’ and children’s exposure to second-hand smoke; and preventing child and adolescent tobacco use. Cumberland County will focus its first year efforts on projects to address each of these three topics.

Funding from the Tobacco Settlement was provided to the Tennessee Department of Health for fiscal years 2014-16 to address the state’s high rate of tobacco use and prevent expensive related medical costs. The plan to distribute $15 million over three years has been generated with input from all 95 counties. This plan includes a variety of projects to target behaviors designed to protect the health of Tennessee’s most vulnerable populations: unborn babies, pregnant women and children.

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