DA's office responds to concerns over Morgan Co. crematory

MORGAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - The District Attorney General's Office has released a statement regarding the ongoing investigation in Elliott Pet Services in Morgan County.

The office says several people have expressed concern that they either contracted directly with Elliott Pet Services to have their family pets cremated or that they contracted with a veterinarian service to have their pets cremated by Elliott Pet Services.

Hundreds of dead animals were discovered on the company's property.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has been digging up the animals this week.

The owner of the company, Cameo Farr, maintains she has done nothing wrong.

The DA's office says concerned residents have asked that officials determine if their pet is one of the animals whose remains were discovered on the Elliott Pet Services property.

The office says TDEC was unable to ID any of the excavated animals. The office also says there is no way to scan the animals for microchips because they were too decayed.

In an exclusive interview earlier this week, Farr maintained her innocence.

"I've never done anything unethical with those pets, everyone who has paid me for a cremation has gotten a private cremation, and their ashes back," Farr told our Casey Wheeless. "It looks like I've done something wrong and I have not, and it affects not just the pet owners who shouldn't have this worry planted in their mind for no reason but for me, this is my job, I have two kids and now I don't have a pay check."

The District Attorney's Office plans to meet with TDEC's General Counsel next week to determine if criminal charges will be filed.

Click the link to the right to read the District Attorney's full statement.

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