Deer kills 18 year-old White Pine girl in car accident

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A Jefferson County family is distraught after their daughter died in a wreck caused by a deer. The crash happened on US Highway 25 E close to the White Pine Golf Course.

The family doesn't even know where to turn. Their 18 year-old was killed in a freak accident and sadly, it happened in their front yard.

Eighteen year-old Kenda Talley was behind the wheel when a deer hit her windshield, went through her car and went out the back window. Kenda's Great Aunt Brenda Liner says, "She was funny, happy, and fun loving."

The deer had already hit a car going in the opposite direction which sent it into her car. After she hit the deer, she traveled about 100 feet and crashed into a tree in her aunt's front yard. Kenda Talley's friends have already placed flowers by the tree.

Tennessee Wildlife Officials say this is a bad time of year for deer.
They are on the roadways day and night. TWRA officer Matt Cameron says, "The deer get full of hormones, and they get to moving about and cross highways. They cross blindly in a lot of cases and end up getting hit by vehicles. A dangerous situation for the deer and the motorists."

And it's not just rural Jefferson County. They're also in high traffic areas, like Knoxville. There are about a million deer in Tennessee. TWRA tells Local 8, odds are pretty high you could hit one.

Cameron says, "By no means swerve into oncoming traffic to miss a deer or swerve out onto the road. Hopefully you're on your brakes quick enough. But if you're not, hit the thing. It's unfortunate for the deer, but it's going to save a human life."

It all happened less than a mile from Kenda's house. Her mom got to the scene before the police. She even tried to pull her out, but her daughter was already gone.

Kenda's 13 year-old brother was in the passenger seat. He went to UT Medical Center with a broken arm and nose and glass in his eyes. He is expected to recover.

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