Crimetracker: Deputies: man throws deer head at brother, hangs his dog

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KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Hank is a retired hunting dog. He's running and barking again, lucky to be alive after a close call early Christmas morning.

"He was actually hung in that tree right over there by a chain," said Bridgette Webber, Hank's owner.

What lead up to the hanging is bizarre, too. It's a family feud over the home Joe and Bridgette Webber now live in. Joe's brother, Michael Webber, feels is should be his. So on Christmas Eve...

"He came by and slung a mounted deer head that I had given his son for Christmas out the window," said Joe Webber.

And then Michael threatened Joe with a gun. Hours later around 2 AM, Joe woke up to his dog struggling.

"I heard him crying, which wasn't normal, and I got up and looked outside and I couldn't hear him and we got up to come and check on him and he was hung from this tree. He had a chain wrapped around his neck four or five times. The chain was tied off to the side of the tree here and his feet were barely touching the ground," he said.

The Webbers rushed to rescue Hank and luckily saved him just in time. He's since made a full recovery.

"We've had him about two years. He means a great deal to us - he's part of the family. We rescued him as it was, and then something like this happened to him," said Joe Webber.

As for Michael,

"I don't want to see him in trouble. It devastated me yesterday when they called and told me he was in jail. He's my brother - I just want him to get help. He needs help," said Webber.

In the meantime, the Webbers said they're spoiling Hank and thanking God he's still alive.

Michael Webber is charged with cruelty to animals and aggravated assault. His bond is set at $18,000.

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