Crimetracker: Dog killed by intuder, other dog kicked and strangled

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--Two small dogs are paralyzed on the couch after being strangled and beaten. They kicked one to death and the other almost died. Julia Schlottman isn't sure who did it, but there was no forced entry and nothing was stolen. Now she wants the person arrested.

Julia Schlottman says, "She found our puppies in the corner on the couch right over there."

Julia Schlottman can barely talk about what happened to her 2 year-old dog Ruby. Julia says, "They were both beaten tortured and left here to die."

Someone killed her Pomeranian Chihuahua mix, and left her lifeless body on top of the other Pomeranian, Sam. Sam survived, but is now partially blind and has a damaged esophagus from being strangled.
Now they're having to feed her baby food through a syringe because of all of the trauma. In Julia's bedroom and bathroom she found feces all over the wall and above the ceiling fan. Julia says, "The scuff marks are from a shoe where they were kicking the dog."

Investigators are testing DNA from small blood splatters on the door frame hoping to find the person responsible. Julia's brother-in-law Chris Hawkins says, "If this was an act of revenge, maybe it wasn't enough. What to they do then? She's making right precautions."

Julia's installing a security system and cameras, and worried about her safety, is getting her gun carry permit. Julia says, "It's hard to be here and know what my babies went through and what my daughter came home and saw. It's very hard to accept that."

Julia sent Ruby to UT for an autopsy so she'll have all the evidence she needs in order to prosecute. If they find the person who did this, due to the "sadistic and depraved" nature, deputies say they'll face 2 counts of aggravated animal cruelty. The person responsible could face jail time.

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