Donated suits help protect English Mountain VFD firefighters

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- With an annual budget that doesn't allow for too many capital improvements, the English Mountain Volunteer Fire Dept. in Sevierville has seen the number of sets of turnout gear worth of fighting fires indoors fall to two.

“We mainly stick to exterior fire fighting,” says Firefighter Tony Ortiz, “but when a rescue is necessary, we don’t look at the date of our gear before going in.”

Ortiz said many of the department's firefighters were willing to risk personal safety wearing worn out gear and borrowing gear for training drills and live burns.

Now, thanks to Globe Manufacturing, they won't have to.

To mark 125 years in business, Globe is donating 144 sets of turnout gear to 16 volunteer fire departments - and twelve of them will go to English Mountain.

“Many volunteer departments are struggling to meet basic expenses,” says Kimberly Quiros, Director of Communication, NVFC. “We are thrilled to partner with Globe and DuPont to provide local departments with safe, up-to-date protective gear to continue saving lives.”

Globe estimates the cost of one firefighter suit at over $2,000.

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