Downtown Knoxville gets first of many new public sculptures

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A former landmark on Park Avenue in New York City showed up in East Tennessee Saturday morning on an 18-wheeler.

"Envious Composure," a piece by New York artist Albert Paley, is on loan from the Albert Paley studios in New York.

The 18-foot sculpture finds its new home in Country Music Park on Gay Street. The project is a collaboration between the city and the Dogwood Arts Festival.

"We're thrilled to have something so eye-catching and so inspiring. It's a really cool piece," said Erin Slocum, Dogwood Arts Festival Marketing Director.

The statue is actually one of several that will be installed around town over the next couple of weeks. It's part of a year-long exhibit that kicks off the spring art festival.

It fills a space left empty when the Treble Clef sculpture was torn down years ago.

"I think it's good," downtown resident Ethan Fox said. "A lot of the stuff going on with the downtown revitalization, it fills the space. It's something beautiful to look at."

The installation itself drew quite the crowd.

"It's great. Anything you can bring to the city and add to the beauty of the city is fantastic," resident Ben Slocum said.

So, what does the sculpture mean?

"What you want to think," Slocum said. "Honestly, i think that's kinda the cool thing about these sculptures. Sometimes there is a vision behind these sculptures, and often there is."

The sculpture is also for sale by the Gallery for $380,000 dollars.

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