Dozens gather in downtown Knoxville for justice rally

Dozens of people of all ages and colors gathered in downtown Knoxville Saturday afternoon to be heard.

"I believe voices have power, and if we keep speaking like this it will eventually be heard," said Danielle Alba who attended the rally.

Their message was a simple one.

"For us to be the United States of America, we're not so united," said Faith Williams.

Those at the rally were inspired by Trayvon Martin's death and wanted to stand up against the gun violence that continues to tear families apart.

"I lost my godson earlier this year. I lost him due to gun violence, and just want to stop the violence," Williams said.

In the last month, Knoxville Police responded to a string of shootings.

According to Police Chief David Rausch, some of the crimes can't be solved without the cooperation of the community. And some agree with him.

"I don't want killers and drug dealers in my neighborhood either," said Andre Canty. "We have to work with the police."

Many at the rally told Local 8 News it's not an issue about race. They said it's about educating the youth.

It's a problem they said won't change overnight but with every voice that's heard, they hope to make a difference and save a life.

"Not one person holds evil, evil has many faces," Canty said.

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