Rural Metro crews prep for winter storm

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Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) When emergencies happen, first responders are there.

Scott Morgan with Rural Metro Ambulance division said, "It feels great when we can help the community out, weather In mind we have to do our job."

With parts of the area seeing some snow, EMS crews with Rural Metro are working around the clock.

Jerry Harnish Regional Director Rural Metro Fire and Emergency said, "There are a number of things we can do in advance to the storm. One is to get the vehicles ready. Next, we make sure the crews have adequate clothing, and get information out to the public. If we can reduce the amount of people out in the streets, we can reduce the amount of emergencies."

If road ways become blocked because of ice or snow, first responders can't give up.
Their training has to kick in gear. They have to do all it takes to save a life.

"At that time will have to go on feet and we'll carry the patient to the ambulance. From there, it's safe driving," explained Morgan.

If worse comes to worse -- crews will be ready to help.

"If the power runs out and they run out of essentials, if they call us here, we will get someone to them. The Red Cross the always represented during storms, in extreme conditions we can put people in shelters where they can be cared for properly," said Harnish.

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