ETHRA funding cuts could mean skipped doctor visits for some

Loundon City, Tenn. (WVLT) - A ride that more than 1,000 people depend on - could be no more. If something doesn't change this could be one of the last times driver Jeff Cook picks up two of his dialysis passengers.

"There are a lot of folks out there that depend on ETHRA many time we're their only transportation," said ETHRA driver, Jeff Cook.

Ebb Mcpeak and Thomas Chapman depend on the ride to stay alive. They both seek dialysis treatment three times a week...four hours each time.

"I hope they don't cut it," said Mcpeak.

Now funding is being pulled from ETHRA, a decision that hits more than 1,300 people living in rural areas.

This change will affect folks living in Loudon City, Lenoir City, Oliver Springs, Alcoa, Maryville, Clinton and Seymour.

The Executive Director at ETHRA said recent census data is the reason this is happening. The funding they once received ends July 1st.

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