ETTAC makes summer camp available to all kids

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- When it comes to summer most kids find themselves at camp, but for kids with a disability camp isn't always an option unless they go to the East Tennessee Technology Center's camp.

Dr. Lois Symington, Executive Director of E.T.T.A.C says, "So many children with disabilities get left out of camp because they can't keep up or maybe the content is too difficult."

It's all a part of E.T.T.A.C's HeartSong program which give kids with disabilities free access to music and art.

While the camp is primarily for kids with disabilities, kids without disabilities can join in the fun.

Jack Tymon, an 11-year old without a disability says, "It's interesting to work with special needs kids. I don't mind having them around because I get the chance to learn what makes them so special."

The camp is also free to everyone thanks to an annual fundraiser called "A Night in Old Havana."

"It's the generosity of the community that makes this all possible and it's something that means more to these kids than just attending camp. They feel empowered and included," says Lois.

The camp wraps up with a movie night complete with dinner and games.

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