Water restored to English Mountian

East Sevier County Utility District employees work to fix a broken pipe after an earthquake on Saturday. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn.(WVLT)--Water has been restored to English Mountain, after an earthquake caused damage and knocked out the water.

Several people in Sevier County were been without water since Monday. On Wednesday, several hundred people lost water after a pump failed. Thursday morning water was restored.

The East Sevier County Utility District says an earthquake on Saturday moved the water pipes and caused them to shatter. Crews are having to cut through concrete and dig through mug to get to those pipes and put them back together.

Utility crews worked on the shattered pipes since Monday. Wednesday, a new problem came up when a pump that supplied water to the entire mountain burned up and shut off water to the entire mountain.

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