East Tennessee professor explains electoral college

(AP Photo/Oxford Eagle, Bruce Newman)
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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Every 4 years, we hear about the electoral vote versus the popular vote, but it's more than a little complicated to understand.

Students at Maryville college are learning about the electoral college in the classroom as they prepare to watch it play out on TV Tuesday night.

"On election night you are not just voting for your presidential candidate, you are voting for those electors in that state that will select the candidate your choosing," said Political science professor Mark O'Gorman.

He tells his students that Tennessee is a winner takes all state, meaning our individual votes count towards electing electors along the same political lines.

"Whether whatever candidate wins by one vote or by 80 percent of the votes, they still get all those votes," said O' Gorman.

But learning that their vote won't directly elect the next commander in chief isn't keeping students away from the polls.

"Every little vote counts, so I think everyone should get out there and vote," said James Lopp.

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