East Tennessee reflects on the "I Have a Dream"speech

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary Dr. King made his famous speech.

There was a time when black owned businesses didn't exist.
Back then it was just a dream but now it's a reality.

"My dad grew up installing carpet and doing upholstering as a young child," said business owner Frank Shanklin.

In his father's day- black entrepreneurs were unheard of.

"As we grew up he sent us with my uncle to learn the trade," said Shanklin.

Now , Frank Shanklin is breaking barriers supplying flooring nation-wide.

"I think they have paved a way. If they wouldn't have done what they've done for me, I wouldn't have a diverse clientele like I do now," said owner of Salon Silhouette Sheree Bolton.

So does Dr. Martin Luther King's speech still hold true or is there still a lot of work ahead?

"The dream is still needing to be worked. It is alive and kicking today we just need to breathe life into it," said Rick Staples.

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's speech.
If you can't be at the march in Washington - there's a celebration at the Harvest Plaza starting at 5:30pm.