East Tennessee yogis gain health benefits

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- September is the official National Yoga Month. For some East Tennessee yogis, it's a practice they say they will continue for a lifetime.

Knoxville native Patty Dougherty says she was unhealthy and didn't want to age that way. Her practice began 15 years ago, it eventually lead her to teach and own two yoga studios in East Tennessee.

“That's the great thing about yoga, it meets you where you are, whatever you abilities are, yoga enhances those abilities,” says owner of Breezeway Yoga Studio Patty Dougherty.

Bob Baker had a dozen major back operations in 7 years, each time he steps onto his yoga mat, he says his health improves.

Baker says, “I had polio at age 6, it was not debilitating, but it was none the less there and i was told in my low 30's that i would have major back surgery later on and to hold off as long as possible."

He says practicing yoga helps stop the stiffness and allows him to be more flexible.

Stretching, breathing, meditating all help Angela Rogers as she recovers from endometrial cancer, along with some other health issues.

“I started developing some digestive issues and I had asthma and so through the yoga and learning the teacher training it helped me to come off asthma medicine,” says Rogers.

Instructor, Tanya Kanczuzewski says, "You can easily see them (students) progress and go from 'I can't do this, to I can do more than this and they can take that out into what they do everyday."

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