Elderly woman tied and locked to her bed by daughter

SEATTLE, Wash (CBS) -- Police in the Seattle suburb of Redmond arrested a 65-year-old woman for abusing her mother and father.

They accuse her of stealing more than $67,000 from her elderly parents and depriving them of proper food, medication and care.

Police say the daughter strapped her mother into her bed up to 12 hours a day. She also strapped her into a wheelchair.

Both parents suffer from dementia and the daughter had power of attorney for them.

Police say the daughter was taking more than $3,000 a month to care for the pair.

She was arrested Tuesday for investigation of unlawful imprisonment and first-degree theft and then released.

Police have not released her name.

The 89-year-old mother and 92-year-old father are now at an adult family care home.

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