Elementary kids toss school books for a real life lesson on voting

Knoxville, Tenn (WVLT) - Amherst Elementary turned a classroom into a voting precint for five hours.

"Kids get to vote too," said 5th grader Ali Maples.

A lesson in politics that didn't take place in a classroom - but inside a voting booth.

"You walk over to the computer and pick which person you want for president and then you push submit," said Zach Hardy.

"We're trying to instill the importance a right american citizens have and that's to vote," said Principal Melanie Harb.

"If we didn't learn how to vote now...we won't know how to vote when we grow up," said Maples.

In one day they'll see if the grown-ups voted the same way they did.

Election results from Amherst won't be in until later today.

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