Elevator stalls in Tower Plaza, traps occupants

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)--Shortly after 10:00 p.m. Friday night, an overloaded elevator delivering passengers to Club LeConte on the twenty-sixth floor of the Plaza Tower became stuck somewhere between the lobby and the eighteenth floor.

The Knoxville Fire Department's Rescue Unit was dispatched to the scene, and found approximately 25 individuals, with plans to attend a fraternity party, crammed into an approximately 5' X 5' elevator.

The Rescue Team made its way to the electrical housing at the top of the building to override the anxious fingers inside the stalled elevator that were pushing buttons.

The group, who's average age was around 20 years, was uncooperative with firefighters, which prolonged the rescue for over an hour. KPD was also called to control a second rowdy crowd which formed in the lobby.

The elevator was taken out of service while a maintenance engineer from could check for any mechanical damages.

No injuries were reported.

Safety Tip: Always obey the recommended occupancy load printed inside an elevator, and never test the integrity of an elevator by jumping once inside. It is safest to remain inside the elevator until rescue personnel arrive. NEVER jump from an opened elevator door to the floor below if stuck between floors for fear of falling into the elevator shaft.

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