Emotional goodbye from father, to son

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - A family prepares to bury their son who died while doing his job.

Police say Michael Tallent received an electrical shock while doing construction near UT campus on Monday. He died at UT Medical Center.

The 27 year-old's sudden death has devastated his family, including his father, Rocky, who says he was his best friend.

"The longer I sat there and waited, the more I knew he was gone," said Rocky Tallent.

Rocky says his son was a simple man, who loved making people laugh.

"Out-going, he wanted to do something all the time. Like I said, he had a good soul to him," said Rocky.

Michael moved back in with his family last year after hitting a rough patch. It was a packed house with siblings and nieces and nephews, and they all looked up to Michael.

"He is a good model. He always made them say, 'Yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am and no ma'am.' He was teaching my grandson about opening doors for ladies," said Rocky.

Rocky says the memories he most cherishes are the early morning trips to the lake. It was bonding time for father and son.

"I might've seen my last fishing trip. No there's no way, it's gonna take me a while to go fishing again," said Rocky.

But what breaks his heart most, is that Michael's six year-old daughter who will never see her father again.

"She's my life. I don't know how she's taking this, it's devastating," said Rocky.

On Sunday night, the night before Michael died, they had a big family holiday dinner, where they told stories and laughed.

The next morning, Rocky and Michael each went to their different jobs, and Michael never came home.

The family has not made funeral arrangements yet, but plan to by the end of this week.

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