Eve of liquor by the drink vote for Pigeon Forge

Some restaurants are already serving liquor following a November 2012 vote that was overturned. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Both sides in the Pigeon Forge Liquor by the drink vote have fought hard for months to get a message out, and on Thursday voters will decide the fate.

The election commission on Wednesday has preset the poll site at Pigeon Forge City Hall, with boundary signs to alert supporters how close their campaign materials can come.

Anti liquor supporter Jess Davis and member of the Concerned Churches & Citizens of Pigeon Forge says he's not eaten for 7 days, showing how important the vote is to him. He says voting for liquor is saying yes to killing the towns children and others.

"Think about the people's lives that you can save. If you go vote against liquor you may never know how many lives you're going to save," said Davis. "But if liquor goes in and you did cast a vote for it all you got to do is go read the paper and see how many people in the future's going to get killed from it."

Supports of the liquor by the drink say they the vote is about the kids and financial support for the schools. Forging Ahead supporters say a vote will give visitors and residence a choice they don't already have.

"We feel like the voters will vote again to protect that money already coming in, protect that choice. that freedom of right to chose. and that money coming into our city so please go vote," said Ken Maples with Forging Ahead. "It gives the restaurants that choice, our visitors our residents, and it keeps our tax dollars here in Pigeon Forge. That's important to us, so bottom line it gives everybody a choice."

Davis says his group is making plans for a new lawsuit against the vote, if the vote is for yes. He says they plan on contesting the number of 1% property owners who registered to vote just days before the voter registration closed.

Pigeon Forge voters will head to the polls on Thursday from 8am to 8pm.

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