Explosion causes fire at Murrell Motors in Maryville

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An explosion rocked rocked a Blount County community and sparked a massive fire.

Smoldering tires and smoke rising as crews doused hotspots. The aftermath of a massive blaze. Jim Patty with Blount County Fire says, "You could see the fire from several miles away."

These are pictures from inside Murrell Motors on Doc Norton Road, courtesy of the Maryville Daily Times. All that's left after flames ripped through the business.

It started with a blast shocking neighbors.
Mary Quenemoen says, "Loud wasn't the name for it. I thought the whole building had went to start with. It was a big explosion. A ball of black smoke and just fire flames going up. I thought it was going to get the shed, but it didn't."

The flames destroyed a building, some equipment and hundreds of tires. It started when workers emptied a car gas tank. Patty says, "For some reason it created a spark and set fire to some liquids that drained out of vehicles."

This isn't the first time a fire like this has rocked the scrap yard, but it's the worst.

No one was hurt in the fire.

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