Family loses dog in shooting

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) "I didn't know someone was so mean to hurt a puppy."

Brody Hudson is in mourning.

For three days they were gone. His three dogs, two just seven months old, all of them Labradoodles.

They took off when a neighbor left a backyard gate open.

On the third day a phone call. The oldest dog, Sugar had been found. She was bleeding, she had been shot in the hip.

It did not take long for Brody and his mom to find the two youngest.

They were on a nearby farm.

"Next thing I know the leaves are moving and Alex' head popped up." Hudson told me while his family gathered around. " I let alex take the lead he went into this bush and I just followed and I saw Eva's body. I couldn't move her at all. I thought she was alive but sleeping but she wasnt breathing at all."

Eva had been shot to death. The family suspects the owner of the farm did it.

They claim he told friends it was because the three dogs attacked his chickens and were "messing" with his sister.

The Hudson's filed a police report and hope to press charges.