Family remembers Chris Newsom on his 30th birthday

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KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Despite the weather, more than 30 people gathered at Woodhaven Memorial Gardens to share their memories of Chris Newsom and support his family.

"It makes us feel better to have the people come and talk to us and do something for him. It just makes us feel like he's still here," said Mary Newsom, Chris' mother.

The played special music to remember him by, and placed balloons at his grave site.

"We played a song by Kenny Chesney - 'Who would you be today?'" said Mary Newsom.

It's something they'll always wonder.

"What would he be doing today? And we've missed those seven years and you can never replace those. And we'll always celebrate by some means his birthdays," said Hugh Newsom, Chris' father.

Chris would have turned 30 years old Saturday. His parents said they sympathize with the parents of the four young people murdered last week in Cumberland County.

"That was just terrible that that happened. And I feel sorry for those people," said Mary Newsom.

"You try to pick up the pieces and go on as best you can. And every person, individual person has a different degree of acceptance and healing. But they don't get over it, we don't get over it. But we learn to go on each day with what we have," said Hugh Newsom.

All while holding memories of their son close to their hearts.

Hugh Newsom said he wants stricter parole and probation laws, saying too often people are released before they're rehabilitated and they go on to commit other crimes.

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