Family still searching for Vicky Burross

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STRAWBERRY PLAINS, Tenn. (WVLT) - January 9 marks a somber anniversary for one Strawberry Plains family.

They've been waiting one year for Vicky Burross to come home.

The 46 year-old was last seen dropping off her son at her parents' house on January 8, 2012. Her car was found two days later in Knoxville, but there was no trace of Vicky.

Police suspect she might have run away, but her family says there's no way she would abandon them.

"Usually she'd call me every night. You could set your watch by it, 8:00 every night, she would call," said Angie Swann, her sister.

Marla, Angie, Mack and Vicky were not just brothers and sisters, but best friends. All of them grew up in Strawberry Plains, and still live in Jefferson County.

But instead of being with Vicky, they're searching for her.

"Everyday I try to get on-line and check Facebook, and see if there's been any new leads. I call Marla all the time and check with her," said Mack Sharp, Vicky's brother.

"Not knowing is the worst part. Not knowing one thing. Not one clue where she could be, dead or alive, we don't know," said Swann.

What they do know?

New memories are being made everyday, ones Vicky wouldn't miss for the world. Among them, her parents 50th wedding anniversary, holidays, and her only son's 8th birthday.

"He just meant the world to her. And I just can't imagine that she would just walk away from him," said Marla Burross, Vicky's sister.

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