Feral dogs becoming a big problem in Grainger County, especially inside landfill

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GRAINGER COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) The Grainger County Humane Society has been busy lately pulling puppies from the local landfill after people leave their unwanted dogs.

Susan Kay, the President of the Humane Society, recently pulled four litters of puppies from the dump. She said this has been happening for years, and lately it's gotten really bad.

"In these last two litters, there were 10 pups. Nine of which were females. If they had stayed here, they would be having pups in six months" Kay said.

And the problem isn't just that there could soon be too many dogs on the loose. If the dogs get hungry, there's a potential they could pack together and attack a person in the search for food. That's the problem she's trying to avoid.

But catching the dogs is tough work. The Humane Society is comprised of a group of senior volunteer workers. Age, money and time are the biggest factors that are keeping them from doing what they really want to do. Adult dogs are too hard to catch, they shy away, and need a trained animal control officer who knows what they are doing. Puppies can take months to rehab so they aren't afraid of people.

But Grainger County doesn't have anyone to do that type of job. There is no animal control to put an end to this problem, so the adult dogs continue to breed. Meanwhile, Kay and her group of volunteers continue to pull the puppies and hope to train them before it's too late.

Kay added that the root of this problem isn't dogs, it's people who are not being responsible for their pets.

"They need to spay and neuter...we're trying to get something done about it before it does get to be a problem that is so large, it will hurt the county," Kay said.

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