Fire breaks out at South Knoxville home

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - A family home, 80 years old, reduced to ashes and rubble. Homeowner Joshua Ward says, "Heartbroke really. I have aunts here and we grew up our whole life here. It's hard."

Even the dining room table where they shared many Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are destroyed. Marilyn Tinsley says, "Just all the memories in the home. I can't believe it's gone. Generations have grown up here. It's just gone."

The fire started around 6. When firefighters arrived flames and smoke shot through the roof. The renter living in the home was rolled down the driveway on a stretcher. She was up later walking around.
Three out of five houses on the road have burned and one house burned down twice. For the owners, rebuilding will be tough to say the least. Marilyn Tinsley says, "I've been between jobs and I've not been able to work lately and we didn't have a dimes worth of insurance."

For the renter no longer a place to call home. Investigators sifting through the ashes, loking for the cause. Rural Metro Fire Department Captain William Kear says, "The largest cause of fire is heating electrical and heating and now we're in heating. Everyone needs to make sure they keep secondary heating source three feet away from everything."

Ward says, "The memories are what's going to hurt. We'll try to rebuild, but rebuild the memories with a different structure."