Firefighter critically injured after horse steps in front of car

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ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Emergency Crews said Caleb Wilson, 18, was on the way home after picking up a pizza when a horse stepped in front of his car Tuesday night.

"The horse came up over the hood, knocked the windshield out of the vehicle and then the horse caught the front roof line and peeled the entire roof of the vehicle," said Andrew Murray, a close friend of Wilson.

The horse died immediately, and Wilson, a Roane County High School Senior and Volunteer Firefighter was critically injured. The first person on the scene was his close friend, Lt. Travis Eblen.

"He immediately began treatment of Caleb, mobilized him and treated his injuries, mostly head trauma," Murray said. "It was very difficult to hear over the radio that it was one of our brothers involved in the wreck."

Wilson was flown to UT Medical Center where he remains in intensive care. Murray told Local 8 News he's making progress.

"Caleb being stubborn as he is and energetic, he manged to begin healing with medicine instead of surgery," he said.

He also said they're transitioning Wilson from sedation, and slowly move on to pain medications to regain consciousness.

"He's a wonderful person. Someone that you wouldn't want to be without," Murray said.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating the wreck.

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