Firefighters battle flaming mounds of debris inside East Knoxville home

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Firefighters had a tough time forcing their way into an east Knoxville home after it erupted in flames early Wednesday morning. Once inside, they had to battle their way through mounds of debris to reach the heart of blaze. One firefighter described it as "almost like a hoarder's home."

They were first called to the home, 5304 Mohawk Drive, around 4:30 a..m., according to a Knoxville Fire Dept. spokesperson. By the time first responders arrived, flames were shooting out of an upstairs rear window.

At first, security doors made it tougher for them to break into to the home. Once inside, they found piles of trash and debris ablaze. After managing to get the fire under control, they were still tackling hot spots for more than an hour.

A primary and secondary search of the home found no one was there at the time. No firefighters were hurt battling it either.

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