First Vestal Fall Festival this weekend

SOUTH KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - One south Knoxville community is emphasizing the "unity" in the word this weekend.

Montgomery Village is hosting the Vestal Fall Festival that kicked off today.

It's a time to bring everyone together, especially the kids.

There was facepainting, bouncy castles, basketball and free food for folks who came down.

Tonja Warren says it's important to show the children that they have a support system to help them succeed.

"A lot of them call me Miss Madea. And I just wanted them to have the opportunity to show their smiling faces and let people know that we, as adults, we love them. And we're looking out for their best interests," said Warren, who helped organize the festival.

On Saturday at 2:00, the Boys and Girls Club in the Village is holding a community-wide worship service.

The festival wraps up on Monday with the annual Thanksgiving dinner.

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