Local church speaks out about Zimmerman verdict

Knoxville, Tenn A jury of six women found the neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Despite a verdict, some in East Tennessee said this case won't be put to rest.

It's a verdict that's caused a stir of emotions across the country, including right here in Knoxville.

For Mount Olive Baptist church it was a somber day.

"I feel sad because he could have lived longer and seen life longer. Zimmerman shot him for no reason," said 17-year-old Walter Allen.

While others agree, with the jury that, Zimmerman acted in self defense.

Pastor Valentino McNeal told Local 8 News a heavy heart forced him to change his sermon.

"A part of me died, literally and spiritually, apart of me left the room sadness and disgust discouraged," said Dr. McNeal.

Those same feelings led him to hold a rally, last year, demanding Zimmerman be arrested.

One of the protesters, Chris Crass, expressed his thoughts about the case on Facebook:

"It tells us it is legal to stalk, harass intimidate and confront black boys...the United States is shaped by white supremacy and the verdict reflects that."

Others - don't agree.

Jack cross said,"Self defense is not murder. Right verdict."

Charlie Leatherwood said,"Thank God!!! Justice has been served."

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