Last minute Game Day details YOU need to know!

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Parking is a big deal when it comes to Game Day in Knoxville. Where do you go? How much will it be?

Local 8 News Reporter Whitney Kent takes the walk from one of the city garages to Neyland Stadium and times it. See how long it takes to get from point A to point B!

Here's the list of city parking spots:

Blackstock Avenue Parking Lot-- $25 RV $10 Cars
City County Building Garage-- $20
Civic Coliseum (RV parking first come first served)-- $50 RV full hookup
$25 RV non hookup
$5 Cars
Dwight Kessel Garage-- $20
Locust Street Garage-- $20
Main St. Garage-- $20
Market Square Garage-- FREE
Poplar Street Parking Lot-- $30
State Street Garage/Surface Lot-- FREE

How about what you can bring and what you can't bring.

Here's a list of what you CAN'T bring:
◾Backpacks (of any size)
◾Alcoholic beverages
◾Cans, bottles, coolers
◾Outside food, snacks, beverages
◾Radios without headsets
◾Open umbrellas
◾Video cameras
◾Stadium seats with arms
◾Large bags or parcels, including backpacks and larger purses
◾Weapons, including pocket knives
◾Artificial noisemakers
◾Smoking is prohibited in Neyland Stadium at all times
◾Bag sizes greater than 12x12x12 (except for medical or diaper bags, which will be searched)

Here's a list of what you CAN bring:
◾Mobile phones
◾Seat cushions
◾Seats without arms
◾Radios with headsets
◾Diaper bags when accompanied by an infant
◾Limited use of cameras. Game action may not be filmed. Consideration of other spectators is expected.

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