AP: Duncan wins 2nd Dist.; Roe takes 1st

WASHINGTON (WVLT/AP) — Second district representative John "Jimmy" Duncan will return to Washington, according to the Associated Press. The AP called the race shortly after polls closed at 8:00 p.m. Rep. Phil Roe will also be headed back to the Capitol, representing the 1st dist.

Elsewhere in the state, Republicans Diane Black and Marsha Blackburn won the sixth and seventh districts, respectively.

Across the country, Republicans remain in position to continue controlling the House for the next two years by about the same 50-seat margin as they do today, despite the deep unpopularity of Congress and its gridlock with President Barack Obama.

Democrats may pick up a handful of seats in Tuesday's voting. They had hoped to add the 25 seats needed to win control of the chamber. But those coattail dreams faded as Obama's lead over GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney shriveled.

The GOP also helped itself with a robust redrawing of congressional districts after the 2010 census to protect its incumbents.

This is the first re-election for the 87 House GOP freshmen of 2010 who came to office fueled by tea party support. Only around two dozen of them faced competitive races.
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