AAA: Gas prices up a bit, but "Fiscal Cliff" deal could send them higher

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Gas prices in East Tennessee jumped last week, especially in Knoxville and Maryville, according to new numbers from AAA. Both cities saw spikes of around ten cents, bringing their average prices back over the three-dollar mark.

Drivers in Bristol and Johnson City still shelled out most, according to the the survey, with Johnson City seeing prices leap nearly seven cents to over $3.20/gallon.

AAA also noted the so-called "Fiscal Cliff" negotiations could weigh on how much you pay at the pump.

Should legislators broker a compromise AAA warns that could mean higher gas prices as investors find renewed confidence in the American economy. If they can't reach a deal though, gas prices could fall on speculation that demand will decline further.

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