Goats eat away at growing problem

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- The Tennessee Clean Water Network and the City of Knoxville have enlisted the help of 25 goats to eat through invasive weeds at Williams Creek Urban Forest.

The plan is to restore the Williams Creek Urban Forest by clearing paths for trails and work with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to remove Williams Creek from the list of impaired water-bodies.

The goats start Wednesday and should finish up by October; eating through heavy brush and to them, delicious kudzu.

But they won't be done with their job; the herd of kids will come back every year for the next three years.

Richard Gibbs, owner of the Whistlepig Farms said "If the goats eat the Kudzu three years in a row it kills 85% to 90% of it."

Not only do the goats almost wipe out the invasive weeds they also are a better method to use instead of harmful pesticides.

Renee Hoyos, Executive Director of the Tennessee Clean Water Network said "Since we work hard at cleaning up the water in Tennessee we don't want to pollute it with harmful chemicals so goats are the best method for us to use."

You can visit the goats from now to October during daylight hours. They're at 0 Dailey Street in East Knoxville near the Williams Creek Golf Course.

If you visit them; you'll have to remember the following rules:
1. Don't go near the electric fence.
2. Don't feed or touch the goats. (They're busy working!)
3. Don't drive past the "Road Closed" sign. You can park in front of it and walk up to the goats.

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