Gun sales up at Kingston gun store following Connecticut shooting

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KINGSTON, Tenn. (WVLT)--Gun sales exploded after the Connecticut shooting. People are buying more than ever before at a local gun store.

At frontier firearms in Kingston a lot of regular and new customers have been coming in to purchase guns. Jerry Leonard owns pistols and rifles and now wants to add more to his collection. Jerry Leonard says, "I'm looking at new semi-automatic rifle. I've been looking for one for some time and it's becoming harder to find now."

Becoming harder to find as people rush to buy them for protection and because of fears the president will ban assault rifles. On Sunday, the president voiced support for other lawmakers arguing the need for new gun measures. Frontier Firearms Owner Brant Williams says, "Since President Obama made his speech the store has been inundated with buyers."

Buyers looking for AR-15's and .223 ammo and the high capacity magazines. It's all stuff banned under an assault weapon law that expired in 2004. Williams says, "I was just on the phone with one of my vendors. They're selling out of everything including high capacity magazines. I talked to a company that got 47,000 AR magazines and within an hour they were sold out."

At Frontier, background checks are backlogged and people are waiting half an hour instead of 5 minutes. Many people are signing up for a concealed weapon permit and mandatory classes for the permit are full through January. Due to the mass interest in firearms Williams says it's drying up supply and that's not good for his business.