Gun store owner: more women, elderly buying firearms

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KINGSTON, Tenn. (WVLT) - Two recent home break-ins featured a homeowner exercising their second amendment rights to protect themselves, and their homes with their guns.

The owner at Frontier Firearms says this reflects the recent trends of skyrocketing gun sales.

In addition to fear of tighter gun control laws, the economy may be one reason more people are turning to firearms.

He says in a time where people are losing everything and criminals are becoming more desperate, at least you can protect yourself.

"When you have a sense of helplessness, it makes you want to grab onto things that will give you a sense of power and firearms certainly do that," said the owner, Brant Williams.

Williams says that desire for independence and power is attracting unexpected throngs of new customers, especially senior citizens and women.

"At first it surprised me. But then I started talking to the ladies, and more and more husbands are away for days on end. And they want to be able to have the right and the strength to feel independent enough to take care of themselves," said Tryphen Brand, an NRA instructor and the range safety officer.

Brand's firearms class will be packed on Saturday morning. She says many are motivated by traumatic experiences, whether it's their own or one of a close friend's.

"Their homes have been broken into. And these people have nothing to defend themselves but their voice and a phone and they were scared," said Brand.

"They feel that they want to take more responsibility for themselves, and that includes their own self defense and the defense of their family and their homes," said Williams.

Everyone who takes a class signs the "Second Amendment Wall," which is a reminder of their rights. They also leave with simple advice.

"Keep empowering yourself, keep getting more knowledge, keep your rights, hone your skills. Know what you're doing, and be safe," said Brand.

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