Hands of Mercy and Kingston Police hand out Thanksgiving dinners

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KINGSTON, Tenn. (WVLT)--Turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving. Thanks to Hands of Mercy and the Kingston Police Department, more than 700 people in Roane County are taken care of.

Walter Orr loads his turkey, dressing, and all the fixings into his pickup truck. It's a Thanksgiving feast he wouldn't have without Hands of Mercy. Walter Orr says, "I'd probably just be eating bread and a sandwich. That's all really cause we're barely making it."

Walter's father abandoned his family. For many other reasons, hundreds of people came to pick up food. Volunteers loaded the dinners in their trunks. Hands of Mercy started about 4 years ago handing out baskets to about 120 families. It's grown to 750 families.
Hands of Mercy food bank helped 1242 last month and 47 of them were first timers. Hands of Mercy Executive Director Sharon Pinner says, "I know they're going to be okay and have the food they need. And that's the only thing that's important."

Kingston Police officers put the boxes together and helped fill cars with food. Walter Orr says, "I really didn't know what to say but thank you.That's all I could really say."

Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam says, "I told them it's taken a lot of effort but when you see the faces it will make everything worth while."