Harwell's bill limit proposal finds GOP resistance

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- House Speaker Beth Harwell's attempt to reel in the number of bills introduced each legislative session is being met with resistance among some of her Republican colleagues.

Harwell has proposed to establish a cap for the first time on the number of bills each lawmaker can introduce per year.

But at a meeting of House Republicans at the Capitol on Tuesday, several members raised concerns about setting the limit at 10 bills per lawmaker.

Rep. Vance Dennis of Savannah said that establishing any limit would restrict the legislative branch's ability to act as a check against the executive branch.

Meanwhile, Rep. Cameron Sexton of Crossville proposed a 15-bill limit this year, and 10 the next. House Finance Chairman Charles Sargent of Franklin said chairmen should each get 10 more bills.

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