Hawkins Co. deputy finds man passed out in emergency lane

HAWKINS, CO. (Tenn)-- A Virginia man is facing drug charges after being found with drugs passed out in his truck in the emergency lane of Highway 11 late Saturday night.

Jonathan Paul Rickett, 31, was found slumped over in his seat with a bag of Oxycodone pills next to him. A Hawkins County deputy initially thought the driver might need help.

Officials said Rickett was unresponsive with his foot on the break and his truck engine still running. When the deputy was able to awaken him, officials said Rickett failed sobriety tests, his speech was slurred and some of his clothes were on backwards.

The deputy found other narcotics and a spoon with 'burnt pill' residue on it. The deputy also noticed a fresh needle stick in Rickett's arm.

Officials said Rickett was driving with a suspended drivers license and two bottles filled with urine.

Rickett is facing a string of drug charges including driving under the influence, psoession of narcotics, driving on suspended license and falsifying a drug screen.

He will be in court April 4, 2012.

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