Healing the sick in Haiti

KNOXVILLE, Tenn(WVLT)--Knoxville Cardiologist Dr. Clint Doiron has been in the mission field for 25 years.
"I used to go to Egypt, China, all over the world, it wasn't until
I came to Port-au Prince , the downtown pediatric aids hospital, in Port-au Prince that really my heart was broken".

Thats why this spring Doiron is ministering to the poor and sick in Haiti.

"I couldn't believe humanity had gotten to this level."

The devastating earthquake of 2010 killed more than 300,000 and injured a million and a half more.

Camp Soleil is the poorest refuge camp in the poorest country in the world. That's where you will also find Clint Doiron.

"That makes me want to cry, look at that smile!

"She had a huge hole in her heart, she couldn't walk and so short of breathe, we thought she was going to die."

But she lived thanks to Doiron and the surgery that saved her life. Doiron's influence help influence other doctors like
Knoxville Opthamologists Mark Bodenheimer and Albert Holmes who performed dozens of free cataract surgeries to villagers in the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Doiron's outreach doesn't stop there.

"We feel the most important thing, not only physical, but spirtual health in the name of Jesus Christ."

Through the financial committment of doctors and local churches
there's now an orphanage on 16 acres that provides for kids left homeless by the earthquake.

East Tennesseans changing lives of those around them, nurturing the hungry, healing the sick and feeding the soul with the gospel.

If you would like to learn more of Dr. Clint Doiron's ministry you can find it at http://www.chadasha.org/

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