Highway experts head to evaluate landslide

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Rangers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park say dirt is still moving at a landslide area inside the park, but highway teams have been able to get closer to survey the damage.

The slide took out about a football field of roadway and officials say it could be an extended period of time before it is reopened for through traffic to Cherokee, NC.

"Over 200 yards of road completely washed off the slope, along with about 90,000 cubic yards of fill material," said Dana Soehn, spokesperson for the park.

Business owners in Gatlinburg hope that the closure doesn't hurt business. The Gatlinburg Convention and Visitors Bureau is busy trying to get the word out that there are other ways to get to Glatinburg.

"441 is often closed for snow and ice, So in this instance yes it's a landslide but we have several Other routes to go into town," Marci Claude spokesperson for the Gatlinburg Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Park rangers say they are trying to get Newfound Gap Road opened to Newfound Gap by Sunday.

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