Tennessee families expected to spend $749 this holiday

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--One study says Tennesseans will end up spending almost 750 dollars for holiday spending this year. Some folks plan on spending more.

Sharon Valentine has a lot of shopping to do, so much she she hits the stores during her lunch break.
Sharon Valentine says, "I have 4 children, 6 grandchildren about 35 total gifts."

She'll spend almost $1500 on them. That's $700 more than the average person in Tennessee, and she's not alone. Adele Mays says, "Potentially around 1 to 2 thousand. It's high, but we have lots of gifts."

Last year, the average Tennessean dished out just over $700.
A lot more people will be logging on this Christmas, too. Online sales are expected to increase by 17%." Nationwaide that adds up to 43 billion dollars . Mays says, "Online shopping is easy. Sometimes they're better deals."

Both Adele and Sharon shopped online more this year than ever before. Valentine says, "To me it's not the true meaning of Christmas to be fighting in a store"