UPDATE: Renter looking for help after sewage backs up

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BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Wendy Sorenson knew she had a mess on her hands when the toilets and bathtubs overflowed with sewage in two bathrooms in her home. But it's the struggle to get it removed that's causing the biggest headache.

Sorenson's sewer backed up in the home she rents in Blount County Monday.

"The biggest concern has been my son. I think any parent would feel the same way. Your child's the most important thing," said Sorenson.

She's bleached down the house and washed every towel used to dry up water more times than she can count.

"Half my paycheck will go to cleaning supplies and hot water this month," said Sorenson.

She's also worried about the air, now contaminated by the sewage that ran down her vents. She tried to call in a water damage repair company, but they can't come without the property owner's permission.

She said she wrote her landlord a letter.

The landlord, Jim Gregory, says he never received a letter, only a call about which cleaner the tenant could use.

"The sewage line had a blockage from things she had put down the toilet," said landlord Jim Gregory.

Gregory added he paid for the repair on his own, even though it should have been his tenant's responsibility.

"I've had renters in that house for five years," he said. "She's the first with a problem," adding its Sorenson's own sewage causing the problem.

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