Horses seized from Union County property are doing well

UNION COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Six horses taken from a Union County property over the weekend are doing well at Horse Haven of Tennessee.

One stud will be picked up Wednesday morning by Horse Haven.

An elderly man surrendered the animals with the agreement that he won't be charged as long as he doesn't own anymore horses for the next 36 months.

Horse Haven took in seven horses this week that were being neglected.

Union County Humane Society received calls about the situation. Executive Director Tammy Rouse said that the horses' owner was not physically or financially able to care for the horses.

An Agricultural Extension Agent determined the horses were suffering from neglect. Local law enforcement got consent from the owner that he would give up his horses.

Rouse said the horses are in good hands now and will be taken care of.

She said the horses will likely be taken to UT to be evaluated and treated for any wounds.

They will then be at Horse Haven for rehabilitation and adoption.

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