How Knox Co. screens security guards to keep your kids safe

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Knox County heard a lot of questions about how they hire security guards after one of them faces criminal homicide charges. Knox County School Security Guard Kevin Waggoner is in jail for allegedly killing his neighbor Michael Woodby after an ongoing dispute. So what kind of background checks are in place for security officers?

Knox County School's Chief of Security Gus Paidousis says, "We get ours from the same occupation and that's the human race. We understand we make mistakes. We all make mistakes."

The chief of security says they perform a local criminal history background. After that a talk to their former employers. If they're good with that, then they get an extensive criminal history check and fingerprinting. Paidousis says, "We've gone to great leangths to hire people who care about children."

The final step? A school psychologist conducts a written psychological exam for school security guards. Paidousis says, "We care about your children. Our school security officers work hard to make sure your children are safe."

Waggoner is suspended indefinitely without pay after the homicide charges. Another security officer Rondal Capshaw was accused of shooting a man in the leg outside the Elks Lodge on Magnolia in April.
We checked and no charges in that case so far.

The chief of security talked with his guards reminding them to keep their heads up, stay positive and focus on keeping children safe. If you have any concerns about a security guard at your school, Knox County urges you to contact them to work through the issues.