Hundreds gather to remember Chris Newsom

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CLAXTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Family members of a young Knoxville couple, murdered seven years ago Monday, are remembering their son.

Channon Christian and her boyfriend, Chris Newsom, were kidnapped on January 6, 2007.

Investigators say the couple was raped, tortured, and murdered.

About 100 people showed up at Newsom's grave site Sunday afternoon to remember him, the Christians also attended.

Both families say the support from the community helps them heal.

"We miss Chris, and we will do anything it takes to keep his memory alive. We don't want him to ever be forgotten. What him and Channon have gone through. This is our way of remembering him," said Mary Newsom.

The Newsom family is fighting for changes, after five people were arrested and found guilty, they were retried.

The judge overseeing the case, Richard Baumgartner, was found to have a pain pill addiction forcing the families to hear and see graphic testimony of the deaths all over again.

The Newsom family believes there should be no re-trials done in felony courts and all judges should be drug tested.

A memorial for Channon will be held Tuesday.

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