Hundreds rally for Second Amendment rights in Sevierville

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SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Hundreds of people gathered in Sevierville Saturday to show their support for the Second Amendment.

The ralliers are against proposals to ban semi-automatic assault weapons and limit magazine capacities.

Benjamin Volk is a gun owner, and has been for about a year.

"I bought it after someone tried to kick my door in at about 4 a.m. Some stranger, didn't know him - I suspect he was trying to steal something to sell for drugs," said Volk.

He said it's his right to protect his family with any gun he chooses.

"There is no stipulation in the Second Amendment that we can only carry pea shooters," said Volk.

Organizer David Pierce agrees:

"Guns aren't used for bad things, unless they're used by bad people. We just want to keep our rights - the Second Amendment is one of the most important because if we lose that, we're going to start losing our other rights. We've seen it happen in other countries in the past," said Pierce.

"There should be no restrictions whatsoever. We are responsible American Citizens. If they want to solve the problem, go after the crazies that steal the guns and kill people. Not responsible people," said Jan Murray.

Many are also against expanding background checks to private sales and transactions at gun shows.

"If they start with the universal checks - if I want to sell a gun to my son - you know, a simple family transaction. Or even give it to him - I can't do that without going somewhere to have a background check done," said Pierce.

Most ralliers said legislators should focus on better access to mental health services. is the organization behind "National Day of Resistance". They chose February 23 as the rally date because of what it symbolizes. .223 is the caliber bullet used in AR-15s - the type of gun some lawmakers want to banned.