Hurricane-force gusts slam UK

LONDON (AP) -- Hurricane-force wind gusts are hitting Britain, disrupting travel and leaving tens of thousands of homes without electricity.

Accidents linked to the storm have killed two people.

Authorities have evacuated some 10,000 homes along the eastern English coast after warning that the country could face its worst tidal surge in 60 years.

Metal plates are being put into place along the Thames (tehmz) River to protect London from flooding.

The storm plowed into Scotland overnight, slamming the highlands with gusts up to 142 miles per hour.

Rescue teams had to ferry residents to safety by boat in north Wales, while officials in other areas handed out sandbags and set up emergency shelters.

Transport troubles were reported throughout northwestern Europe as commuters raced home to ride out the storm.

Forecasters say tidal flooding is also expected in Germany and Scandinavia, and frigid air will move across Europe from Greenland.

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